More About Rabbi  Aryeh L. Teitelbaum
Keren Yesomim Orphan Fund
קרן יתומים
Rabbi Aryeh L. Teitelbaum, הי"ד was the son of Volover Rov and
Av Beis Din, Rabbi Nachum Ephraim Teitelbaum, who heads a
respectable U.S. kashrus organization. Rabbi Leibish Teitelbaum
was a
נהנה מיגיע כפו who worked hard to support his family. In the
course of working for his father's Kosher Supervising organization,
Rabbi Aryeh Leibush Teitelbaum had been visiting India.

Rabbi Leibush was the sixth son-in-law of the Toldos Avrohom
Yitzchok Rebbe. He leaves a wife and eight yesomim behind, the
oldest having just turned Bar Mitzvah this past Nissan and the
youngest a few months old.

He was known as a gentle soul and a pious young man, with a
cheerful and sunny personality, beloved by all who met him.

To help support his family, The “Keren Yesomim Fund קרן יתומים”
(Orphan Fund) has been established. Please donate generously to
support the widow and orphans left behind.
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